Welcome back to the Animals Away blog! In our recent post, we began exploring some tips dog owners can consider when helping their furry friend adjust to their new home and surroundings. As we mentioned last time, all the chaos and unfamiliarity of a move can make your dog feel nervous, uneasy, and anxious, especially as they try to adjust to their new living space. All of the new sights, smells, and sounds can be a lot for your dog to take in. Here are the three tips we discussed in part one:

  • Give them lots of extra attention, love, and snuggles.
  • Keep up with your normal routines as much as possible.
  • Use treats, toys, and familiar objects to comfort them when you leave the house.

Here are three more ways you can help you precious pup adjust to life in their new home.

Avoid Buying All New Stuff

When you move, it’s exciting to furnish and decorate your home with all new objects, bedding, pillows, and towels. But when you replace old household items with new ones, you’re taking away familiar scents that can comfort your pup as they transition to life in a new place. Replace old items gradually so that you can keep familiar items and scents in the new home to help your pup adjust.

Don’t Wash or Replace Your Dog’s Bedding

According to Cesar’s Way, he recommends not washing your dog’s bed, bed cover, and blankets until you have been in the home a little while. Washing these items can strip them of the familiar scents that can actually help them feel more at home in their new surroundings.

Establish Boundaries

Because your new home will most likely have a new layout, different features, and unfamiliar exterior elements, it is important to establish boundaries to keep your dog safe, healthy, and happy. You might want to keep your dog out of a certain area in your house, so you will want to create a barrier right away using a baby gate. If you want your dog to use a specific part of the yard to do his business, set this area up and begin leading him to that area right away. Stick to any boundaries you wish to establish because, as we’ve mentioned, dogs love routines, and will stick to those that they’ve learned.

Learn More About Dog Shipping

We hope you find these moving tips useful as you help your dog settle into their new home. Most importantly, you will want to spend lots of time with them as they get used to their surroundings. Play with them in the house and outdoors and be patient with them as they learn the new smells, sights, and sounds of their new living space.

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