1. Thanks for getting them here safe

    “Animals Away, Huggy and George love Florida!!! Thanks for getting them here safe”…Read More

  2. You provided door to door services

    "Animals Away, You guys did an excellent job moving my pets! You were great to deal with in every way. Everything was set up very fast and easily ! I needed to move my 2 dogs and my parrot across the U.S., from boston to San Francisco. I was very worried about my bird, but it all went great and they all arrived safely! You provided door to door services and both drivers on each end were great! You…Read More

    -Alexa Maring
  3. You made the whole ordeal appear simple and effortless

    "Hello Animals Away, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service you and your company has provided to us. The dogs arrived safely on time and everything went as smooth as it could have gone from Detroit to London. It will be my pleasure to recommend the services of your company in the future. You made the whole ordeal appear simple and effortless. Again thank you and all the best and …Read More

    -Uli Franzmann
  4. I will always recommend your wonderful service

    “Dear AnimalsAway I’d like to thank you for making possible the safe, well planned journey that my little pet was able to complete this week. If you can relocate someones’s pet across so much distance all the way from Tokyo to the US East Coast, I’ve no doubt you could do the same from any major foreign city to a chosen destination. From the beginning, you were focused on the top priority …Read More

    -Mr. Oleary
  5. They arrived happy and healthy

    “Dear Animals Away, Just wanted to let you know the boys have made it safely to southern Spain. They arrived happy and healthy, and are now busy exploring their new home. Thank you again for helping us through the move. Your assistance (and patience) have been invaluable.”…Read More

  6. Neither one had any major issues with the traveling

    “Animals Away, Just to let you know, the pets arrived fine in the UK land they are now settling into life in the UK with ease. Neither one had any major issues with the traveling as far as we could tell, they didn’t even seem jet lagged. Please let us know if there is some way we can give you and your company a review, thank you for answering all of our questions over the past few months and f…Read More

    -Steve and Dena
  7. Thanks so much for taking care of him

    "Animals Away, Nico arrived at our home in London safe and sound on Saturday. While he’s already slid down the hard wood stairs on his stomach and marked the local Church of England, he’s happy and well. You are all more of a holiday blessing than you will ever know. Thanks so much for taking care of him and bringing him to his new home. All the best for a safe and joyous holiday and prosperou…Read More

    -Rae and Nico DuBose
  8. I will most certainly refer people to you in the future

    ” Hi AnimalsAway, I just ran across some paperwork concerning our move and thought I’d let you know that Napoleon is doing well here in Singapore. We have been here one year now. I am so thankful for your help in getting him here. Making the decision to transport him such a long way was difficult. I am so glad I brought him, and thanks to you, everything went smoothly. I will most certainly re…Read More

    -Debbi and Napoleon
  9. Thank you for your help and guidance

    “Dear Animals Away, Josh & the cats, plus Debbie & I all arrived safely in Rome on Saturday evening. Your company was fantastic. We now have all the correct paperwork to obtain European passports for all our pets. Thank you for your help and guidance through this massive relocation. Please feel free to use us as a reference in any way, shape or form. Kind regards”…Read More

    -Dek & Debbie, Josh, Kitty, Annie and Barney in Rome
  10. Very Pleasant

    “Dear Animals Away, I just wanted to write and thank you for a wonderful job done with getting my Missy back to South Africa. All went well and she is happy and at home with my parents. My mom also said that the gentleman that brought her to their house was great with Missy and a very pleasant person. So again thank you so much to you and your team for a job well done, you took care of everythin…Read More

    -Julia Pretorius