Welcome back to the Animals Away blog! In our last blog series, we spent some time discussing spring pet care tips for your cats and dogs, which you can read by following these links to parts one and two. While we’re on the topic of spring — spring and summer are some of the most popular months for people to move into new homes and, today, we will shift our focus to looking at some helpful packing and moving tips for pet owners. Moving is a stressful endeavor that can place a lot of pressure on people and their pets. If you will be moving down the street, or relocating to another state or country, here are some tips you can follow to ensure your pet’s safety, health, and happiness during the packing and moving process.

Ease Your Pet Into the Big Move

Pets are incredibly intuitive and can pick up on changes around the home. Ease your pets into this big transition by making small, gradual changes around the house whenever possible. As you begin packing up your belongings, you can talk to dog or cat with a soothing voice to help them feel more at ease. Try to pack their toys, beds, and other items last so they have familiar items to comfort them as the house becomes cluttered with boxes.

Create a Safe Zone

Speaking of moving boxes, filling your home up with towers of boxes can make your pet a bit anxious. Not only are these items unfamiliar to them, the objects that contain scents that they are used to are no longer around, which can cause them to feel stressed and anxious. Create a comfortable space for them to play, rest, sleep, and even eat, that is set apart from the chaos of moving. This will give them a place to go if they feel nervous or overwhelmed by all the boxes, packing, clutter, and commotion that comes with relocating an entire home.

Mindful Packing

Packing is no fun but it can become a nightmare for pet owners who have curious furry friends. Packing for a big move forces us to take all of our belongings from their usual spots to wrap them in protective bubble tape, newspaper, and other packing items before placing them in a box. The trouble with moving when you’re a pet owner is that all of these items are super interesting to both cats and dogs, who will likely explore them using their senses. Packing items become playthings and all those valuables you’ve had stored away, out of reach from your curious canine, may suddenly become their new favorite chew toy. When packing up your things, be sure to pay attention to your pet, as these items can become choking hazards or cause other harm to your precious pet. Keep packing supplies out of reach from your pet. Setting up a safe zone for your pet can be very helpful while you’re packing.

Pet Shipping

As you start planning your move, consider how you will relocate your pet if you are moving across town, to another state, or abroad. You will want to ensure that your dog or cat travels and arrives safely at their new home. We have more than 20 years of experience in shipping pets, so contact our pet shipping team at Animals Away to learn more about our dog shipping and cat shipping services. We can make your move, and relocating your pet, a lot less stressful. Thanks for reading our post and be sure to join us for part two to learn more helpful pet moving tips!