When it comes to air travel with pets, it’s a subject that draws a lot of natural apprehension from pet owners. Traveling via air with pets can be a complicated and stressful affair. As someone who’s naturally protective of your furry companion’s well-being, it’s understandable why you would have reservations about sending your pet on a plane.

Unfortunately, many of the common doubts about pet air travel are based on misconceptions that have no place in reality. As pet shipping experts at Animals Away, we’re here to clarify some of these falsehoods. This is a two-part series; in part one, we’ll look at myths that pertain to the actual planes and airlines.

Myth – Pet Air Travel is the Same With Every Airline

We feel like it’s important to begin with this one, because it’s fundamental to every other point on this list. Say it with us—every airline is different. Because of that, you can’t really make any blanket statements about the minutiae of flying with pets. What may be true for one airline might not be true for the next.

That’s why, at Animals Away, we make sure all of our pet shipping is done through “pet-friendly” airlines. Indeed, while most airlines accept animals, some airlines are more committed to the safety and well-being of your pet than others. In the following points, you’ll see some of the important differences that distinguish pet-friendly airlines from normal ones.

Myth – The Cargo Hold is Too Hot or Too Cold

We’re not sure where this one originated, but the reality is that, in most cases, this myth is just flat-out wrong. In the majority of airlines, the cargo hold is temperature and pressure controlled the same way it is in the cabin, and also equipped with proper lighting.

There are some flights where this is not true, which once again highlights the importance of
working with a pet-friendly airline. If you use Animals Away as your pet transportation service, we’ll ensure that your pet’s cabin ride is just as comfy as the cabin would be.

Myth – Pets Frequently Die or Get Injured in the Cargo

It’s true that pets have died or gotten injured on plane flights before, but the truth is that this is exceedingly rare, and the overwhelming majority of cases are due to negligence from a careless airline. There is also another side to this story—the tarmac is responsible for more pet deaths than the airplanes ever were.

An airline who isn’t pet-friendly treats animal passengers the same as checked cargo; they ride on the same conveyor belts, they ride in the same space, and they wait outside at the tarmac for just as long. When you hear stories of oppressive temperatures that result in pet deaths/injury, it’s usually not happening on the plane; it’s from the time they spend on the tarmac.

Pet-friendly airlines make sure this doesn’t happen. They treat animals as they should be treated—living breathing passengers. At Animals Away, we’ll find an airline for your pet that won’t ever put them in dangerous conditions.

Consider a Pet Shipping Service

At Animals Away, we specialize in safe, secure pet shipping services that keep the animal’s health and well-being in mind. There are certainly reasons to be concerned about air travel, but if you use our services, you can rest assured that your pet will be safe and sound, all the way from your house to the end destination. Contact us today for a free quote!

For more pet travel myths, check out part two!