Why Are Puppy Scams Dangerous?

If you have been searching the Internet for a puppy or you have responded to an ad offering a pet or puppy for just the “shipping charges,” you are going to be scammed. Fake adoption scams run rampant on the internet. Most of the time, these criminals claim to be from Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Canada, the UK, and the USA, yet most are located in Africa. Those criminals who claim they are located in the U.S. and ask for money to be sent via Western Union or through Moneygram.com to foreign countries are complete criminals! These scam artists sometimes claim to be with the United Service Organization (USO) or state that they are missionaries who originate from the United States. However, most of the time these crooks use Yorkies, Bulldogs, Boxers, Maltese, birds, and monkeys as common bait. These crooks try to use the Animals Away name, and many other company names, as the “shipping agency” that will be delivering the pet to you. If someone claims to be using or working with a specific company, always look for that company on the internet and contact them directly. Again, we do not accept Western Union or Moneygram as a form of payment—ever. Our pet transportation company would never ask for a payment of any kind to be sent to any country. Pet transport payments go to one of our offices located in New York City, Los Angeles, or Boston here in the United States. If you have experienced a puppy scam, please leave a comment on this blog to warn others about this common scam.

Updates About Global Pet Scams

UPDATE: Beware of fake emails that contain links to the Animals Away site. Criminals copy many different companies’ site content across the Internet, therefore you will always want to contact our pet relocation company first.

Animals Away Locations

All pet shipping and pet transport services provided by Animals Away are offered to and from any worldwide location. The video below just happens to have taken place in New York City. All of our pet transportation offices are based in the United States in New York City, Los Angeles, and Boston.