It was such a relief that she arrived happy and healthy

“Dear Animals Away,
Thank you for ensuring the safety of our Labrador, Kiely during our relocation from North Carolina to Hawaii. It was such a relief that she arrived happy and healthy. Although we had followed procedures and received authorization for airport release, we had concerns about the flight restrictions for animals during the summer months. Without you, we would have had to flown Kiely as cargo without a guarantee of the same flight, same arrival date, or health. We are very grateful that your service helped minimize the stress on all of us. We appreciate that you managed Kiely through the quarantine station and delivered her to our hotel. It was difficult enough traveling with the maximum allowable luggage, keeping track of our children, and finding a rental car large enough for everything. It would’ve been more stressful on us and Kiely if we had added her and an extra large dog crate to the equation.